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The Modern Marketer

The Modern Marketer Part Artist – Part Scientist

The roles of marketers have changed with the evolution of social media. Check out the perfect recipe for a modern marketer.

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Cygnis Media’s Campaign Monitoring Tool

Cygnis Media’s Campaign Monitoring Tool

Fan Circuit is one of the best products available to use which would eliminate the chaotic reporting system.

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Social Media Campaign Measurement

Measure the Success of Your Social Media Campaign

The right techniques and tools to measure the success of your social media campaign. How do you measure your campaign’s success?

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How to Handle User Feedback

How to Handle or React to the User Feedback

What’s your reaction to a good or a bad feedback received for your site? Learn to handle user feedback in a better way.

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Facebook Saturation in 2011

Market Saturation Point for Facebook in the year 2011?

Over the years Facebook has been able to capture more users every year. Facebook has reached the market saturation point in 2011?

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Social Fun Online Games Success on Facebook

Power of Social Games on Facebook

Social gaming is one of the way to highlight the user’s need to perform things in a group or a community or with friends.

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