Cygnis Media’s Campaign Monitoring Tool

Cygnis Media’s Campaign Monitoring Tool

When you run a social media campaign, it is of utmost importance that you are able to measure the outcome of it. In our previous post “Social Media Campaign Measurement”, we talked about the type of measurements and how to measure the social media campaign’s success. We all know that campaign measurement is not an easy job, especially when there are a number of things to be considered. Constant monitoring and tracking of the results seems to be a very hectic job, when done manually.

Cygnis Media recently launched a new product“Fan Circuit”to overcome all the problems faced in measuring the success of the social media campaign. With our expertise and experience of the field, we know that it is a very important factor that you know what results are carried out with the social media campaign, what was the reach and the number of new fans you were able to cater by doing the social activity.

Fan Circuit allows you to set your goals for the social campaign and compares the actual results with the standards set. It provides you with the metrics that really matters in a very clean form, so that it is presentable. We are proud to say that with Fan Circuit all the chaos faced for tracking and monitoring the social campaign’s activity would be cleared.

For better tracking and monitoring, we have made four different sections in Fan Circuit. Each of the section provides you with unique data which is very important to assess the success of your social media campaign. Let us provide you a little peak of some of the amazing features Fan Circuit offers:

Goal Conversion

Track and monitor the data which really matters and forget about maintaining the chaotic reports you had to manage earlier. Goal Conversion’s main highlights are:

  • Monitor and track the goals specific to your campaign.
  • Define the goal you aim to achieve with your campaign.
  • Target the market which is relevant and specific to your industry.

Campaign Insights

Provides you the ability to view the real-time statistics anytime. Just click on the required report and it would be available for your review. The main features for Campaign Insights are:

  • In-depth reports available so that everyone is able to understand easily.
  • You are able to trace the source from which people are coming.
  • You can view the detailed demographic of the users and target the most relevant one according to your strategy.

Community and Conversations

The easiest way to find out the preferences of your fans is to use the Community and Conversations tab in Fan Circuit. Study shows that you are able to engage with your fans better if you know about their preferences. The highlights for Community and Conversations are:

  • You are able to post on your Facebook Fan Page directly, using the Fan Circuit.
  • Fan Circuit provides you tips and suggestions to improve the engagement level with your fans.
  • A grade is awarded to your campaign to show you if the campaign is on track to meet the targets set forth.

Data Center

You are able to view all the data collected with the help of social campaign in one place through Fan Circuit. The main functions of Data Center are:

  • You can download all the data in CSV format for future use.
  • A unique campaign analysis report, which would provide you an overall view of your entire campaign.
  • A detailed summary report in PDF format, which is useful for presentations and provides a complete analysis regarding the application usage.


We have been performing our own research on the matter and found that most of our clients face a lot of difficulty while measuring the success of their campaign. Fan Circuit is one of the best products available to use which would eliminate the chaotic reporting system and will offer a huge relief to the person who is responsible to track and monitor the campaign stats. Some of our major clients are already using the system and are very happy with the output. We would like to invite you to use the system and let us know your thoughts about it.

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