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Lane Bryant is the most recognized name in plus-size clothing, the fashion that lets every woman be her most amazing self. Providing high quality and on-trend clothing and accessories to women sized 14 through 28, they believe looking and feeling amazing should be accessible to every woman.

About the application

The concept of the application was giving plus-size women the confidence in believing they could be seen and celebrated equally, and are not any less beautiful. The My Billboard app encouraged users to upload their picture onto a virtual billboard and share it on social media to declare that #PlusIsEqual.

Design Challenges

The app was designed and developed to be mobile friendly. The designs had to depict a stylish and spirited feel for women so that they would feel confident and be ready to share the limelight. As the app had an emotional connect to it, we designed to witness a massive engagement, which, we did!


The results were amazing. The campaign received a very good response. Over 2000 pictures were submitted and shared on social platforms within a few days after the launch of the #PlusIsEqual campaign, while the buzz is continuously growing!

  • 500%

  • 4M


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