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A Global Series Event breakthrough

National Geographic and General Electric were looking for an on-ground activation to promote their show “Breakthrough”, which follows scientific explorers working on cutting-edge technology displaying ideas and solutions to many problems.

Civic Entertainment Group developed a concept, to educate people how increased usage of clean-energy vehicles can play a vital role in preserving the climate, and reached out to us to bring their idea to life.

About the app

Collectively, we decided the best way to demonstrate proof was to showcase metrics in real-time. To execute the idea, National Geographic partnered with Uber on a fleet of 16 clean-energy rides in New York City.

We designed the app to depict several metrics to passengers with real-time calculations, such as emission of carbon dioxide saved during their trip, and an option to share their results on social media. Moreover, the app we developed showcased key information of the Uber fleet along with promotional videos of the TV series.


The results of the campaign were amazing. The concept of showcasing real-time metrics to educate on climate preservation was widely appreciated by the passengers and the followers of the TV series. Our designs for social sharing on the app helped us go beyond our projected targets of online presence with ease.

Target achieved: 300%

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