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The world’s leading cookie brand wanted to develop an engaging game for its younger audience on Facebook. It is the fourth largest community on Facebook with over 35 million fans!

We created Oreo Land! A board-game targeted towards their younger audience members with a colorful theme and outlook. You play as a poor lost Oreo cookie who is trying to find his way back into Oreo Land. He must cross rivers of milk and avoid dangers along the way.

We created custom elements such as the game board, bridges, rivers of milk and more, based on the theme of Oreo Land. This theme is tailor made for the target market segment.

With tens of thousands of players during its short lifespan, the app was a huge success! Each player was engaged for an average of 5.2 minutes of gameplay and more than 5000 fans shared the app with their friends. The goal of getting 1000 sweepstake entries was crossed within just a few short days.

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