Facebook App Development

Engaging & interactive custom Facebook applications, built to leverage social media networks to spark
conversations and viral growth.

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We harness the power of Facebook's platform and its massive global reach to help brands &
businesses connect with their customers. Each Facebook App is tailor
made based on its target audience and business goals.

Reach out to your customers using Facebook apps

Stand out from the crowd. Interactive Facebook applications are a great way to create a branded & memorable digital experience for your customers.

Engaging Challenges & Contest Apps

Engaging Challenges & Contest Apps

One of the best performing genres of applications on Facebook are Contest Apps. These put forth a challenge for the users and engages them in a competition with their friends to see who performs the best, awarding the winner with a prize as incentive

Social & Interactive HTML5 Games

Social & InteractiveHTML5 Games

Games are one of the earliest forms of apps to appear on the Facebook platform and can be largely credited for the widespread growth and mainstream adoption of Facebook. Through branded games with a sprinkle of social elements, users can be engaged with a brand or product for several minutes or more. These games, made in HTML 5 are amongst the most popular apps on Facebook to-date.

Learn about the interactive Facebook game
we made for Oreo
Facebook Apps for Nonprofits & Causes

Facebook Apps for Nonprofits & Causes

Garnering support for important causes and non-profit organizations is something that Facebook apps do really well. Due to its massive outreach and geographic targeting abilities, Facebook is an invaluable tool to accomplish this task, and custom applications for non-profits and causes help achieve this objective.

Branded Campaigns & Promotional Apps

Branded Campaigns & Promotional Apps

When it comes to promotions, Facebook is the undisputed king. With a massive built-in audience and a global reach, digital campaigns on Facebook have the potential to get your message out to an extraordinary number of people in an extremely cost effective manner.

Giveaways & Sweepstakes Apps

Giveaways & Sweepstakes Apps

Applications with the highest viral growth potential are sweepstakes or giveaway applications. These engage the user with branded content and gather their information in exchange for an entry into a sweepstake for a chance to win prizes. As a bonus, they ask the user to share their entry with their friends in exchange for increasing their odds of winning the giveaway.

Interesting & Shareable Quiz Apps

Interesting & ShareableQuiz Apps

Results of quiz apps are amongst the most shared when it comes to growth on Facebook. Creating a quiz app that follows a theme or topic, provides interesting information, tests a user's knowledge and then generates a result that is customized to the user, witty and interesting will result in very high visibility due to sharing with friends.

Why build a Facebook App?

Facebook applications have the power to go beyond the simple interactions offered by the generic platform. You can custom build your application to align with your business goals and standout from your competitors.

Spark Conversations

Spark Conversations
The beauty of Facebook is that it allows for two-way communication between businesses and their customers. Using Facebook apps, we help facilitate these conversations.

Go Viral

Go Viral
The power of social media networks is the ability for your message to reach not only your target audience but their friends, and their friends. The growth potential is unparalleled.

Memorable Experience

Memorable Experience
By leveraging the user's information & integrating their friends network as well, we gain the ability to create unique, customized, experiences for each person in your audience.

What we bring to the table

We are committed to producing high quality applications by following the standards and best practices outlined by Facebook themselves. We always stay up to date on the latest evolution in technology frameworks to ensure your applications are secure & powerful.

Facebook Application Development

Web applications changed the way people interact on the world wide web. Facebook also played its creative role in web enrichment. Brands, companies and agencies have also realized the potential of Facebook and its applications. Facebook app development is now a vital part of almost every digital marketing plan. Each brand and company tries to engage its visitors or fans through creative apps.

Cygnis Media is a leading Facebook application development company. As a top Facebook application creation firm, we plan a unique Facebook app making procedure, which deliver each application order on time with all necessary requirements and future enhancement. With millions of users on almost each of the social media platforms, social media application development is more than important for each marketing plan. We have the best social media application creation team, which has successfully completed more than 100 Facebook app projects. As one of the leading social media application development firm, we have worked with reputable brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Facebook App Creation

Cygnis Media is one of the most popular Facebook application development company because of its systematic approach towards Facebook app development. Our Facebook app building team strictly follows the guidelines provided by Facebook. What we would bring to the table is the award winning Facebook app development experience, collaborative approach, fair price, on time delivery, and engaging ideas. The formula behind our success is our valuable Facebook app development team and social media application design processes. As a foremost Facebook application development company, we have successfully launched 28 Facebook apps last year alone.

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