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Rate Your Love Hate, Case Study

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An exciting new spin on a popular concept was brought forth to us by a dynamic group of entrepreneurs and we were ecstatic at the opportunity to bring it to life. Rating applications have existed on Facebook since the very beginning, but they all lacked something very important -- limitations, which is where Rate Your Love/Hate comes into play.

Other rating applications allow you to rate on a scale (of 1 to 10 for example) and you can go ahead and do this for every single person, item or accessory that you are rating, without ever being properly invested in your decision. With RYLH, you are allocated a fixed amount of points which you must utilize. This generates and interesting dynamic to the rating game as now you must choose wisely as your points quota is limited.

Starting out with the Sports theme, Rate Your Love Hate provides users the ability to rate their favorite (or their most hated) sports teams in hopes of getting them to the top of the worldwide rankings. Watch as support for teams goes viral and drastic shifts occur in teams' positions on the charts. Share your love for your favorite sports team and convince your friends to help you raise it's rankings (or egg on the haters -- the choice is yours).

With the new seasons of Football, Soccer, Basketball looming, arguing with your friends about which team is the best just got a lot more interesting.

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