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After the design and development process is complete and your social media campaign is ready to go live, the real work begins, because without any users on your social profiles, the entire project is moot.

With over 1 million Facebook pages and applications and over 150,000 iPhone applications out there, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? How do you rise above the noise?

Social Media Marketing

We can help you spread your message out to 'targeted' individuals to ensure that you are able to get the initial traffic on your social profiles once you go live.

Targets are set before beginning the promotion aspect of the campaign. These usually consist of volume, time duration and geographic segmentation, such as; 10,000 users from North America in 3 weeks time. This is an example of a typical target that we have tackled in the past.

Complete transparency is observed during the entire process and comprehensive tracking reports are provided, allowing you to observe the trends of the users based on market segmentation (users from Canada may behave in a different manner on the social profile as compared to American users). This allows incredible insight into the minds of your consumers and allows us to further enhance the campaign, creating a personalized experience for the different target markets.

We've worked on over a hundred Social Media Campaigns. Here are just a few of them.