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Cygnis Media believes that social platforms change how marketers should think about reaching their audience. The same communication channels that make social networks a seamless way to stay in touch with friends can be effectively used by companies for brand marketing and consumer promotions.

Cygnis Media offers Social Media products for Fortune 5,000 companies, brand, product marketers, and marketing agencies.



More than 1 billion active users, with an average user spending more than 7 hours everyday. Facebook user's worth stands at $118.



More than 555 million users still growing with 460k new accounts per day and with 1 billion tweets per week.



More than 10 million people currently use Foursquare. 400,000 businesses use Foursquare as a marketing tool



More than 170 mmillion users. 72% of the users are men and 28% are women. US is the leading country with 55% of the users.


More than 150 million users are available on this professional network. The most recognized industry on it is Hi-Tec.


65% of the users say that they cannot live without their iPhone. Average iPhone users spend 14.7 hours in a month playing games.


Out of the 84 million smartphone owners, Android has reached a marketshare of 55%.37% users spend most of the time for emails on it.


With more than 17 million users, Pinterest users spend 98 minutes a month on the site, users also spend 150 minutes on Tumbler and 420 minutes on Facebook using the applicatio


With more than 7.5 million users, Instagram is one of the most used applications with average photo sharing of 15 photos per second.



More than 3 billion videos are viewed a day. An average of 490 million unique visitors per month. Approx. 48 hours of video uploaded every minute.