Products & Strategies to Consider in the year 2013

Products & Strategies to consider in 2013

We have entered 2013 with a promise that customers would see a number of strategies & products that would truly evolve the nature of marketing and customer experience. In the year 2012, we have seen a huge boost in mobile devices and social media platforms. Marketers used both of the things to thier advantage and promoted thier brands very effectively. But now, the competition is very strong and every business want to use new products and strategies to grab the customer’s attention and increase it’s market reach.

We have prepared a list of some great products and strategies that would be used vastly in the year 2013:

1 – Traditional Evaluation Methods are just too old:

Technology is changing all the time, and in 2013, more emphasis is given to systems that can help managers to take decisions regarding performance of the employees. Companies used to spend a handsome amount to acquire huge systems which also requires a room (server room), but in 2013, we will say good-bye to such systems, as these would be replaced by iPods & iPads. We see that most of the employee performance applications are already available on the app store and businesses are shifting to use these apps. For example: iTTENDANCE, a product that helps you keep the time record of your employees, with flexible reporting for managers.

2 – Managing Customers like cutting a fruitcake:

We have seen a number of managers flipping out and declaring it the worst day of their careers, when they try to manage the employees and the customers on a very busy day at a restaurant. We know that soon waiting staff will not have notepads in their hands to write down our orders. Instead the notepad would be replaced by iPads & iPods or any other tech gadgets, which would be handed over to us and we would just tap on the menu item that we require. 2013 is the year, where restaurant POS systems would be on a boost and we would say our farewell to traditional order taking methods. We would like to tell you about iOrderCloud, which an iPad/iPod based POS system for restaurants. It provides complete flexibility to manage a restaurant and generate reports in real-time.

3 – The ever-green approaches:

For social media marketing in 2013, sweepstakes and contests are still a GO. In our opinion these two are “The Best” marketing techniques, as there might not be a single consumer who doesn’t want discounts or giveaways. However, surveys are outdated as of 2012, and is replaced by social feedback for the year 2013. Customer experiences and information can be shared more quickly through social platforms instead of surveys.

4 – Content is Essential:

For helping your rankings on the web you need high quality content. Most of the marketers know about it and follow it by the rule, but the real thing is connecting the content and the images together to make your content more relevant and readable. Pictures are worth a thousand words, we have said and read this quote over and over. Now is the right time to get your tactics right with the images and content marketing using Pinterest and Instagram (two of the most widely used photo sharing platforms at this moment).

5 – Multiple Activities Multiple Views:

Users of the year 2013 are getting smart, they have so many options to get in touch with you i.e. through website, mobile devices, and social platforms (we will not discuss the default communication mediums). It becomes your responsibility as a brand that you provide the customers an opportunity to connect with you, by making sure that your website’s design is optimized for mobile device viewing and your presence is on multiple social networks. This will help you to reach out to more of your customers.


Technology and techniques to use for social marketing are evolving, you (as a brand) need to make sure to adapt the changes as quickly as possible so that your customers are able to communicate with you any time, any place through any medium. Use systems that are user-friendly and offer value to your customers for their business.

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