Social Media App Development

We create interactive social media applications that help reach your audience and
engage with them to spark conversations.

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We leverage the power of social media networks to connect brands & businesses
with their customers. Each social media app is tailor made to best reach its
target audience and achieve its business goals.

Bold & Branded
Promotional Apps

With an obsession over each pixel in the design, we ensure that the users are immersed in an experience that carries the brand's personality, look and feel. We make the audience part of the conversation around the product or service being promoted, and entice them to contribute in their own way.

Bringing people together from across the world to interact with the brand as well as each other is how we create meaningful experiences on the social web.

Web Application for Business
Social Media Contest Application

Creative & Engaging
Contest Apps

When it comes to high engagement levels, Contest Apps are amongst the best. They generally ask the user to participate by showcasing their creativity, and pick a winner from a pool of the best performances. This creates a fantastic blend of interactivity, engagement, incentive and brand immersion.

Create a contest for your audience using something they can relate to along with a desirable prize incentive, and watch your engagement levels soar.

Viral & Targeted
Sweepstakes Apps

Sweepstakes are amongst the most popular social media applications due to their simplicity and viral growth potential. They provide an incentive towards audience participation in the form of prizes, and entice them to share the message with their friends in exchange for additional rewards. Perform a simple action (such as spinning a wheel or using a slot machine) and fill out your details in a form (which feeds a back-end database) and you're in!

Sweepstakes Apps are very effective in gathering a subset of your audience that have a high interest level in interacting with your brand or product.

Web Application for Business
Social Media Games

Interactive & Fun
Social Games

Games on social media platforms are largely credited for starting the 3rd party apps revolution- and with good reason. They are amongst the most engaging genre of apps to-date. By creating a fun and challenging game that has your brand's elements integrated into it, you can expect your audience to interact with your brand for extended periods of time.

Leverage the power of social media networks to create a memorable gaming experience for your audience and their friends.

Interesting & Informative
Quiz Apps

Quiz apps have the ability to inform people about a certain topic, while entertaining their audience. This unique intersection makes them extremely valuable on the social media circuit, due to their easy-to-digest nature. They also help provide insight on how users perceive a certain subject matter, which can be used to inform future decisions.

A well written Quiz app contains great branding, useful information, elements of humor and an end-result that will leave you wanting to share it with your friends.

Web Application for Business
Web Application for Business

One Stop
Social Media Hub

Social Media Profiles are becoming increasingly fragmented, with multiple locations such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube to name just a few. When embarking on a social media strategy, it often becomes daunting to consolidate your message and ensure that all your channels are reaching your audience. We solve this problem by creating One Stop Social Media Hubs, where we integrate all the content in one place which is accessible via desktop or mobile devices to ensure no-one or nothing gets left behind.

Create a responsive microsite that integrates all your social profiles in one place and drive your traffic there for maximum reach.

Why build a Social Media Application?

Social media networks have created a platform where we can interact & communicate not only with each other,
but also with our favorite brands, products, services, games & more via Social Media Applications.

Spark Conversations

Spark Conversations
The beauty of social networks is that they allow for two-way communication between businesses and their customers. We help facilitate these conversations.

Go Viral

Go Viral
The power of social media networks is the ability for your message to reach not only your target audience but their friends, and their friends. The growth potential is unparalleled.

Memorable Experience

Memorable Experience
By leveraging the user's information and integrating their friends network as well, we gain the ability to create unique, customized, memorable experiences for each person in your audience.

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