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The rise of social media networks has forever changed the way we communicate. The world is now closer together, with everyone accessible in a convenient manner. Social media networks have created a platform where we can interact and communicate not only with each other, but also with our favorite brands, products, services, games and more via Social Media Applications.

There are several types of social media apps with different purposes such as monetization, increasing brand awareness, creating contests, giveaways or simply to create a fun user experience. Social media application development is however not an easy task and thus requires a specific skill set to undertake successfully. Knowledge of the Facebook API and development platform is essential in order to properly utilize the different aspects of the social media network and properly leverage the viral hooks found within it.

Facebook applications are a type of social media apps but are not the only ones. Other platforms such as MySpace, Twitter, Orkut and more also have development platforms, but none as detailed and successful as Facebook.

We here at Cygnis Media specialize in Social Media Application development along with Facebook Pages development. Our wide range of services can accommodate your requirements and provide you with the skill set you need to create a successful social media campaign. Contact us via phone or e-mail to get started. We would love to hear from you.

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