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Social media networks have created a platform where we can interact and communicate not only with each other, but also with our favorite brands, products, services, games and more via Social Media Applications.

Social Media Apps
There are several types of social media apps with different purposes such as:

  • Monetization
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Creating Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Create a Fun User Experience

Social media application development is however not an easy task and thus requires a specific skill set to undertake successfully. Knowledge of the Facebook API and development platform is essential in order to properly utilize the different aspects of the social media network and properly leverage the viral hooks found within it.

Facebook applications are a type of social media apps but are not the only ones. Other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more also have development platforms, but none as detailed and successful as Facebook.

social media app development

What we bring on the table:

facebook app development Award winning experience in Facebook app development.
twitter app developer We can help you innovate with engaging concepts.
instagram application development A collaborative approach where you drive.
linkedin application developer Fair prices, high quality and on-time completion.

Social App Development
Social media app development has been acknowledged as a potential game changing phenomena by the digital marketing & advertising industry. Initially, brands and companies have incorporated social media promotion as part of marketing and advertising, but it soon evolved as a separate ideology. Social media marketing enables brands and companies to focus on monetization, brand awareness, and user engagement through social media apps. Brands and companies always look for digital agencies with a reputation as a social app development company. Cygnis Media has evolved as one of the leading social media app developer in the last couple of years. We have worked with reputable brands for their social media promotion. We developed 28 apps last year alone. Our expertise in social media app development gives us an edge over other digital agencies which lack quality portfolio and social app developer team. We bring new and fresh social media ideas, that could totally rock your social media presence. Oreo Land, NFL, Samsung, and Cadbury are just the few examples of our brilliant social app development skills.

Social Media Apps Developer
With 28 social media apps in last year, we have been the first choice of the world’s leading brands and products for their social media app builder. This was only possible through our unique approach towards social app development and our brilliant team of social media app developers. Social media development has become an integral part of brands and companies social media presence. We have been awarded for our winning experience in Facebook app development and that will be a huge boost for any brand’s social media promotion. We have been famous for our fair price, high quality and on time completion. Our collaborative approach in social app development means that our clients drive the social media app development process.

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