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Frictionless sharing now provides higher levels of virality!

With the release of the Timeline, the Facebook applications development market has been turned on it’s head. Frictionless sharing now provides higher levels of virality while sponsored stories are generating better ROI on Facebook Ad Campaigns than ever before.

We here at Cygnis Media have been hard at work to develop custom Facebook Applications for the new Timeline and take full advantage of all the new features provided by the updated API for this roll-out.

Social Readers and Music Playlists have proven to be some of the best uses of the Timeline features. With “Now Reading” and “Now Listening to” lists, friends can know what people on their list are up to that very moment.

While this may seem like a privacy problem for those that fear over-sharing, Facebook has provided the solution by adding better access to privacy policies. Now, when you install an application, you can change the way it interacts with your Facebook profile instantly, and set it to only show it’s content to you and none of the people on your list.

These are just a couple of the many new features that have been released to the development community thanks to the Facebook Timeline. Apps development for the Timeline just became a whole lot more interesting and we are excited to be in the list of Facebook Timeline app developers!

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